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July 05, 2019

Accessibility, security and diligence: how this savvy investor chooses just the right loans to invest in


A Dearsley[2]

Back in 2017, Adam Dearsley was looking for something new to add to his investment portfolio. So when he read a business article that mentioned Zagga, he decided to dig a little deeper – and today, he’s very glad he did.


An experienced investor with a diversified range of commercial property, equity and fixed interest investments in his portfolio, Adam was already investing with one peer-to-peer platform, but Zagga was different enough to pique his interest.


“Generally, my priorities (for fixed interest investments) are higher returns than I’d get through bank investments, while still offering reasonable security for the risk profile” says Adam.


"Zagga offered all that with a user friendly platform and excellent client service. I was already involved with one peer-to-peer platform but it was based around hundreds of tiny parcels of money contributing to relatively low value loans and zero tangible security. Zagga offered fewer loans but of higher value with very good security. That appealed to me, so after a little more investigation I started working with them as well.”


Zagga is an online platform matching investors to creditworthy borrowers. Investors can fund loans in full or in increments of $1,000, always knowing exactly where their money is going and what it’s funding.


To help investors with their decision making, Zagga assigns a Credit Assessment Score to each loan. These gradings are based on data about the borrower and include serviceability, credit history and the loan to security value ratio (LVR). All of which is made available to Zagga Investors via a secure online portal.


Adam believes that when choosing which loans to invest in, it’s vital to be across all of these variables and that Zagga’s straightforward, administrational approach helps you do just that.


“Each loan is given a high level summary with the option to dive down into additional detail and documentation. I can check the LVR, the returns, location and the term of investment, all with just a few clicks,” he explains.


“Having that information so accessible made me feel secure in investing with Zagga right from the start.”


Adam invests under a company he launched nearly 10 years ago. But he’s also a busy Programme/Project Manager working on contracts in and around the capital, so day-to-day life can get pretty hectic. This means any investment he makes, needs to be as effortless as possible.


“That’s why I appreciate the convenience of Zagga,” he says. “Their model fits in with my lifestyle and once you’ve put in that little bit of effort up front, it’s all smooth-running from there.”


With consistently good returns, Adam’s confidence in Zagga has only increased over time.


“When investing, I generally look for between 7% to 10% return, and I’m pleased to say that those are the kind of figures I’ve been getting with Zagga.”


But it’s not just the returns that have earned Adam’s confidence; he’s also impressed with how approachable, responsive and thorough the Zagga team is.


“In 2018, their due diligence uncovered some crucial questions about one particular opportunity. Their action on that occasion gave me even more confidence and trust in the whole Zagga team and the transparency of their processes.”


With 5 Zagga loans currently on the go, Adam is looking forward to working with the Zagga team well into the future and would recommend anyone interested in trying peer-to-peer investing for themselves to join him.

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